Removing a Hot Tub

So, you’ve decided to remove the hot tub. It’s become old and can be a drain on your electricity and the upkeep for cleaning. Then there are the critters that live around and underneath old hot tubs including spiders, centipedes, roaches and even mice. They are attracted by the water and cozy (to them) spaces; whatever the reason for removing it you have a lot to consider in planning the removal.


Removal, that’s my business. Some things are easily removed and others can be very difficult. Hot tubs can go either way depending on location, size and how it was put in. There are many other factors that can influence the removal of an old hot tub but removal is what I do.


When you remove a hot tub you have to consider several factors:

Hot tub removal

Removing a Hot tub

  • Size – the larger the tub the more difficulties that can be involved in removing it. In some cases the old hot tub has to be cut into smaller pieces or even the use of a crane.
  • Location – a path must be found to carry out the hot tub. Is it indoors or enclosed by a fence. Can it be moved out through a gate or will it require the removal of part of a fence.
  • Original Installation – We look at how it is situated, if it is on a deck, a cement pad and does it require detachment from the site in question.
  • Site renovation – depending on how the hot tub was set dup we can do some things with the area for you. One hot tub was surrounded by a cement pad but the hot tub itself sat on dirt. It would be an easy fix to turn it into a sandbox for the cost of materials and labor.


Generations Hauling looks at all of these things in making a quote for any job. We charge based on:


  • Time and effort needed to complete every aspect of the job
  • Special requirements or tools, such as a crane.
  • Taking down and rebuilding a fence or wall.
  • Renovation of the site afterward if desired.


There is a lot to consider when removing a hot tub which is why it is a good idea to turn to a professional. We do all the hard work and then haul away the mess.


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